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Believe it or not, but Adobe's Portable Document Format or PDF has turned out to be a true universal file format for sharing information. Presently, it is the most widely used electronic format due to its very interesting feature of saving content in its original format. This is the biggest advantage with PDF as user can save different document formats such as layout, graphics and fonts in their original form. No matter whether the platform you are using supports the PDF document content, you can view the document just as it was originally laid out including the graphics and fonts. Viewers, may not access the software, which was used to create it, yet Adobe Acrobat Reader allows viewer to read the document. Beside, large file is automatically compressed when stored in PDF file. Consequently, mailing them becomes easy. It is therefore popular for eBook publishing, pre-press documents, document review and several other related activities. Certainly, such comfort and ease to work make PDF truly universal file format.

With so much of features no doubt, it has managed to strengthen its position among major institutions for document archiving. However, one cannot deny from the probability of corruption it holds. Constant use of PDF files or other possibilities may end up damaging them, leading to loss of significant data. The causes of data corruption are most of the time is same. The software to repair PDF provides an easy means to recover files from the damaged Acrobat Reader documents.

Kernel for PDF repair is a smart, advance and a potent repair PDF file tool, which has been designed to repair the Portable Document Format (PDF) files that are damaged due to various logical and physical reasons. This sophisticated repair PDF file tool uses highly advanced data recovery algorithms to repair the damaged PDF file(s). The best part of this software is that it does not alter the PDF file"s properties and formatting. It only analyzes the damaged/corrupt PDF file, retrieves data from them, and recreates the PDF file with recovered data. Kernel for PDF repair tool is the fastest way to recover data from damaged PDF.

It can also repair batch files in just one repair cycle and maintains the properties and structure of PDF. User can expect full accuracy with this repair PDF file tool while recovering text, images, tables, graphs, page tree, cross-reference table etc. Beside all these, it is easy to use, as it has been designed with self-descriptive and user friendly features. As a result, no technical skill is required to operate it. Just few mouse clicks can do all for you.

Moreover, Kernel for PDF file repair tool comes with free evaluation version. This evaluation by Kernel analyzes the damaged PDF, thoroughly scans the PDF file, repair PDF file and rebuilds the file. After recovering the file, all the contents are shown to the user to verify if all the required data has been recovered. But, it does not allow user to save the recovered data. To save the data full version of Kernel for PDF repair tool has to be purchased.
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Repair Pdf File Instantly With Accuracy

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This article was published on 2010/11/23