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The task of how to create an e-book has been greatly simplified since the mid 1990s when ebook marketing first began. In those early days you would use a word processor to write out your pages, then a clunky e-book compiler to combine them into an executable (.exe) file format. Sometimes there was a middle stage of saving the pages as html files, then compiling the html into a completed electronic book. However, because of the fact that many computer viruses are created as executable files, this format could no longer be used for the rapid transport of ebooks across The Internet. Anti virus and anti spyware programs were often confusing them with computer viruses.

Adobe's PDF (portable document format) was seen as the perfect solution. Now e-book marketing wizards could produce ebooks at lightning speed and safely distribute them all over The Internet for the 'viral marketing' effect of reaching hundreds of thousands of thirsty niche readers. It was just as if someone had turned on a huge ebook pipeline. However, one problem remained. The pdf converter or compiler software available cost several hundred dollars. It was not a solution for the home based entrepreneur who operated on a shoe string budget.

Several low cost pdf converters arrived on the marketing scene. One was a tiny application that worked just like a spooler for printing and appeared as one of your printer options. The Open Office software suite also offered a PDF converter by placing a 'save as pdf' button on the menu. These two solutions for making ebooks were unreliable in my experience, because hyperlinks often didn't get created properly in the pdf output. Anyone who has done some e-book marketing will know how crucial it is to include some active hyperlinks in the finished ebook.

About two years ago, eWriter Pro magically appeared. This ebook creator tool doubles as an articles organizer and a filing system. It includes a reasonably well featured word processor, and an efficient PDF compiler that has several security functions, like secure password protection. The best thing about eWriter Pro is that it is usually heavily discounted.

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How to Create a PDF eBook For eBook Marketing

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This article was published on 2010/03/27