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Microsoft Word is the most commonly used word processor which provides easy approach to create documents of all kinds. You can create personal, legal as well as official document using MS Word. PDF or Portable Document Format is the file which is used for representing documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware and operating system. These days, PDF files have become the most popular document format as it provides the highest security to any confidential document. PDF format is widely used as PDFs are easy to create, contain good viewing features and are designed in such a way to handle wide variety of media and files.

There are numerous benefits of PDF files over MS Word file which compel the users to choose PDF for making documentation. The major advantage of PDF over Word is it can be read on any computer, the user needs to only download the free PDF reader tool. PDF documents are small and can be compressed as per the need. Further, PDF documents can be created from any source documents or application. PDF documents are more secured and provide the mechanism to protect your document from further modification or redistribution. As PDF documents are compact, they are also protected from sudden virus attack while Word document often tend to corrupt. The essential feature of PDF which made it the most commonly used tool is that it is clearly viewable within any web browser. Unlike Word documents, these documents meet all legal requirements and are compatible with modern portable reader system.

Consider a scenario where you work in an organization. You have made a confidential document in Word which you need to present before the management team. But, some of your office members have eavesdropped into your work and modified the document without asking your permission. This is a common scenario and can happen with anyone of us. If you have converted the document into PDF format then the person who is about to change it definitely cannot do anything to it. It is always better to keep your document secure and safe from other’s intervention. To avoid this kind of scary situation, you need to convert the Word document into PDF so that maximum confidentially with the document is retained. You can impose various restrictions as well as encrypt the PDF file which prevents others from accessing it.

To Convert Word to PDF Free, one needs to download and install some utility that will efficiently convert Word files into corresponding PDFs. there are several third party tools available which can easily convert the Word files into PDF file. You should select the best word to PDF converter tool which will not alter the original format and data of the source file.

Kernel for Word to PDF freeware is a professional tool that is completely capable of converting multiple Word files in a single pass. Further, this tool helps in converting large sized files consisting of tables, images, graphs, OLE objects and other elements without losing any data. The Convert Word to PDF Freeware supports Unicode conversion and works flawlessly with both .doc and .docx files.

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Convert Word file to PDF with Convert Word to PDF Feeware

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Convert Word file to PDF with Convert Word to PDF Feeware

This article was published on 2011/12/15